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Content Intelligence – Empower Your Marketing

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Content Intelligence – Empower Your Marketing

What is Content Intelligence?

By making use of the data consumed by users in the past, your content can be streamlined to use media that truly connects with your desired audience. It enables marketers to see where their efforts should be focused, and which outlets provide the maximum exposure. It also allows for potential growth areas to be used, allowing content to reach new areas and boost your online profile. Furthermore, making use of Content Intelligence allows you to identify not only what worked, but why it worked (or why something was not so effective).

Making Use of Content Intelligence

Evaluate your content regularly to ensure you gain relevant insight into the performance of your content. Analysing traffic and engagement are all great ways to gauge your channel effectiveness, but marketers should also consider tracking conversion per content to see which subjects gain the most sales. You can also analyse your competitors to see in which areas they are out-performing you, and the you can adjust accordingly.

What About software?

There are plenty of great software tools out there for analysing Content Intelligence, but here are some of our favourites.

With BuzzSumo, you can identify up to the minute trends, and also what is about to become viral, so you can stay ahead of the game at all times.

SumAll is an amazing analytical tool that provides an awesome overview of all your associated social media platforms.

Channel your digital James Bond with this sneaky software that tracks your online competitors’ movements. Find out where they are using paid and organic searches via keywords.

AnswerThePublic allows you to generate frequently asked questions relating to just about any keyword. Extremely helpful when considering new content for upcoming campaigns.

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