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New Year Website Tips

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February 20, 2019
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January 16, 2020
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New Year Website Tips

It is once again that time of year where we make decisions and look to make ourselves better for the coming year. Instead of focusing on yourself, however, why not give your website a little attention and make sure it is the best it can be. Today we will look at some things you can do to ensure your companies online home is as presentable as the day it was created.

Keep Your Content Updated

Do you have a new line of products coming out soon, or is your blog still showing articles from the previous year? How about your company contact information…have there been any changes with email, address, or telephone number?

If your content is outdated, then it reflects badly on your company, so ensure you are on top of this by updating your content, and having your blog section topped up with some recent articles.

Is It Still Usable?

As time goes on, it is inevitable that your once new website will become cluttered as updates are applied, content is changed, and features are added or removed. Make sure all your links or working as broken or outdated links can seriously impact the credibility of your company from the perspective of potential customers.

In addition to this, ensure your site is still functioning properly on a variety of devices. The choice for browsing online is seemingly endless now, with such an enormous amount of home computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones all being potentially used to view your website. Make sure your site looks good on all formats, regardless of screen size and resolution.

A Fresh Look

Just like our own homes, our design choices. Colour schemes, and logos can become somewhat stale or outdated as time goes by. Keep things fresh by working with a professional web developer who can advise you on current design trends, provide a modern take on your classic logo, and basically oversee and overhaul of your existing website that will show your customers that you are a forward-thinking company.

For all your digital marketing needs, Northern 51 can offer the best bespoke service for your business.

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