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SEO Speed Tips

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SEO Speed Tips

Here are some quick tips to give your new SEO campaigns a rapid boost.

Dead Competitors

Simply go to Google and type “link:”, by substituting in the website of your dead competitor. You will see the list of sites that link to them, and you can contact their webmaster, and allow them to update their dead links, to that of your own active company.

Tool Marketing

By providing free tools, for specific targeted audiences, you can create a ton of backlinks if your tool is particularly useful. Things such as Free Logo creators, URL Shorteners, Name Generators…basically anything useful you feel could appeal to someone, all create traffic and links directed to your site.

Free Organic Links

It is a fact that the chances of doing business again with a previous customer are far greater than the prospects of starting with a new customer. Those who visit a site, as a previous client, are more likely to make a purchase again, as opposed to those who have never bought something before.

The same rationale can be applied to those who have previously linked to your content. Once you have built up trusted relationships, it is wise to contact those who have promoted your links and shared your content before, and thank them for their support, whilst informing them of your new sites/promotions.

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