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Here at Northern 51, we have a talented and driven team that is capable of truly delivering a genuine 360 digital service.


We have extensive experience in creating a smooth ecommerce experience for your customers. Through online store development, in depth testing, advertising and creation of payment gateways, we guarantee your clients will find shopping with you is a positive experience.
The ecommerce industry in Thailand, and throughout Asia, has grown exponentially in recent years and it is truly the time to embrace online shopping. Let us usher your business into the online marketplace, and provide your customers with a storefront that truly works for your company and products.

Web Development

Boost your website with our effective content management system, web applications, lead generating tools and booking systems. No matter what you are looking for, be it a simple landing site, or a large site with extensive pages, we will ensure you have a smooth, functioning site that looks great and is easy to use. Our UI and UX design is second to none and it will make your website truly stand out in the online world.
We understand that many users browse on different devices, and thus we are able to create effective sites that can convey the same message on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, ensuring maximum exposure.


WordPress is simply the most popular website management system on the web. We can ensure your website has a unique and bespoke feel, as we have a range of custom plug-ins and themes, created with CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript, that will match your specific requirements. This ensures that you have a website that feels unique to your company, your brand and is an extension of the product you are selling.

Server Infrastructure

We are able to provide our clients with their own VPS, cloud, basic hosting, and dedicated server solutions. Our team can assist you in choosing the best option for your needs. The days of slow server speeds and potential data breaches are behind us now, with our data centers we can ensure they are always running at optimal speeds and provide immediate support should any issues arise.


Through proven search engine optimisation strategies, we can ensure your SEO requirements are being met, and your company is being found by potential customers. Via backlink building and inbound marketing, we ensure your site bounces to the top of searches, and ensure you get the traffic your company deserves.


We understand that no company has the exact same needs, so we have dedicated strategists that create unique solutions to match the specific requirements of each client. So, before we sell you on any of our solutions, we always like to sit down and have a chat about where you want to take your business, and how you see it expanding in the coming months and years. It is with this method, we can ensure that your relationship with us, is just as long-lasting with the relationships you will build with your new audience.


Whether you are looking for specialized UI or UX designs, or more traditional logo and branding creations, our talented team of graphic designers can create the perfect identity for you. By working with us, and entrusting us to develop your overall design, we can ensure there is a tangible consistency to your branding, which translates effectively from the digital to the physical. We will blend iconography, typography and photography to create a memorable a strong band that, in itself, is as valuable as the product or service you are offering. Let our creative team work their magic for you, and create the image you deserve.

Online Marketing

Marketing and advertising your business and products online is fundamental to the continued growth and success of your company. More and more people are allocating funds to online marketing, as that is where their customer base can be found, so it is essential to communicate effectively in this area. Through engaging content and impactful advertising, we create campaigns that focuses the attention of your target market, and generate tangible leads that creates more exposure and sales for your company.

Direct Marketing

Sometimes, your marketing doesn’t require the creation of a new audience, but instead must inform your existing client base of a new promotion, product or event. By using direct marketing, you can send messages with a more personal touch to your current audience, that helps increase brand loyalty. You can send content to clients that have expressed interest in a specific area, showing that you have taken personal interest and value them as customers. This form of marketing has been proven to yield impressive results when it comes to the conversion of links into sales. We can also launch text and multi-media campaigns, where those who have opted in can receive access to special promotions, discounts and bonuses related to your business and products.

Content Creation

Every business has the main goal of providing a product or service that someone wants or needs. Creating great content for your brand is a core feature of what we have to offer, as it has been proven to increase sales, brand loyalty and awareness, and generate profitable leads. Via regularly updated blogs, product pages and events pages, your website can come alive, generate traffic and move higher in Google rankings.

Social Media

Having a visible presence in social media is no longer a luxury, it is essential. By growing your brand on social networks, you can create buzz, inform of new products, and connect with your audience in a way that generates an immediate response. We have teams dedicated to expanding your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. We create written copy, images, promotions, and videos that truly help to further the story of your brand.

App Development

When you consider the staggering number of people who primarily access the internet via their mobile devices, it seems essential to have an app that they can download and use on the go. Our talented mobile development team are experts and creating streamlined mobile sites and apps that guarantee the best possible experience for mobile users.


At Northern 51 we assist our clients in finding the right audience, valued site visitors, expressive marketing campaigns and a brand identity that truly stands out.